About Me: La Profe


¿Quién soy?

NYS certified Spanish 5-12 & Bilingual ECE & Elementary B-6
NCAA Division I golfer (retired)
Dedicated traveler (Nicaragua & Puerto Rico)
A big fan of The Office – since I’m a Scranton native

¿Dónde enseño?

Currently I am a substitute for Niagara Falls but have received an open contract with Buffalo Public Schools.

¿Por qué el español?

I have been an avid language learner since middle school and took on to the subject quickly. I knew I wanted to be a teacher growing up but finally realized my content area when I was a senior in high school. Spanish is a beautiful language and has given me opportunities to connect with people I would never have met if I did not speak a second language. From studying abroad to Puerto Rico and doing service in Nicaragua, Spanish has opened my horizons and given me countless world and human insights.

My goal as a Spanish teacher is to spread the language that I owe so much to my students with the aspiration that just one of them gains the love and admiration for Spanish that I have in my own heart. Of course, not every student will become a Spanish enthusiast and most will never be fluent or conversational. But hopefully, my teaching and classroom will provide my students the ability to connect with at least one person who does not speak English, provide assistance to a Spanish-speaking customer, child, or client some day in their future, and the ability to be aware of global humanity and be an active participant in that community.

My goal as a Bilingual teacher is to bring access to education in both the native and English languages to bilingual students. Many Latino students whose first language is Spanish or another native language other than English face great difficulty in school later on because they were not given access to English appropriately or given the opportunity to learn content in their native language. I want to be part of the movement to make students fully bi-literate and bilingual, a sought after skill in the work force and a unique personal characteristic on its own. I could go on forever about the importance of bilingualism and continuing cultural legacies of minority communities but I think you’ve got the picture.